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My Love Andy Lau World Tour

Event Details

Presented by Allianz Malaysia Berhad and S P Setia, jointly organised by Star Planet and Focus Entertainment, Cantopop superstar Andy Lau will be stepping foot in Malaysia for a 3-night performance at the Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil on 13, 14 & 15 September 2019 at 8pm. The Malaysia gig will be his return after 14-year hiatus and is anticipated to whirl ticket-buying frenzy!

Andy Lau kick-started his brand-new World Tour “My Love” in Hong Kong Coliseum last December, fetching overwhelming response and resounding success.

Spearheaded by world-class production teams, the tour is a dazzling collision of technology and choreography. Stage designed by world’s recognised leader STUFISH Entertainment Architects, the show uses 20 laser projectors to present full dome art projections over sky screens measured with 54 meters in circumference, covering more than half of the arena to create a stunning fresco.

Built with two connected runways, the stage is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual systems and spectacular pyro effects. It also uses SERAPID fully-computerised elevators platforms and kinetic solutions to provide dynamic stage actions. The production is exemplified with the special use of lifting system from Japan to move the singer up mid-air for a better audience engagement.

The show will also feature two very iconic Andy mascots by an America-based company, as well as jaw-dropping stage props and “My Love” sculpture inspired and designed by popular contemporary sculptor, Yulong Huang.

STUFISH Entertainment Architects holds strong portfolios having delivered world-class stage designs and productions for top celebrities such as Beyonce & Jay Z, Rolling Stones, U2 and One Direction etc. whereas SERAPID was selected to provide lifting platforms for the Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony.

由Allianz Malaysia Berhad以及S P Setia实达集团联合呈献,Star Planet 星艺娱乐和Focus Entertainment 映艺文化娱乐联手主办,“刘德华My Love世界巡回演唱会“第二站将于9月13至15日在马来西亚Axiata Arena上演3场, 距离刘德华上次在马来西亚开个唱已要数到2005年,阔别14年再度在当地举行演唱会,相信马来西亚必引起另一番购票热潮。

刘德华去年12月“My Love”演唱会首站于香港红磡体育馆打响头炮,更掀起扑飞热潮。不少观众都大赞演唱会非常精彩。为了令马来西亚观众可以一睹香港站精彩演出,这次会把香港站整个制作,接近40只货柜运到马来西亚,原汁原味呈现观众眼前。

由舞台效果,到演唱会的制作团队,全部都是大有来头,每个角落里亦暗藏了不少刘德华团队的心思。超巨型天幕圆周达54米,覆盖场馆超过一半的天花,让观众可以好好欣赏天花艺术作品。至于刘德华站在半空唱歌,画面相当震撼。制作团队由日本请特效吊挂公司负责飞人效果, 而整个演唱会更动用超过300枝纸炮连续发放,全场雪花飘落。

为了令天花,舞台连接,整个舞台由超过60组升降机械,全新订做地屏及两边延伸台组成,全部电脑控制,舞台可以调整不同高度,配合全4K视频内容和灯光效果,由4部D3控制,运用20部激光投影机,操控LED屏幕及天幕投影,为观众带来全新视觉享受。舞台设计由英国着名建筑公司Stufish Entertainment Architects负责,该公司专为国际巨星设计及制作舞台,包括:Beyonce &Jay Z,滚石乐队,U2,One Direction等。